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"Invest in Georgia 2018"



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Georgia has earned its reputation as a pre-eminent commercial center with an innovative, dynamic and entrepreneurial business culture. Strategically located at the crossroads of trade and commerce between East and West, it is ideally positioned to service and access markets that span Asia & the Middle East and Europe & the CIS countries. Moreover, it occupies a time zone that allows it to connect markets like the Far East and the US. To leverage this advantage, it is developing a world-class infrastructure, air and port facilities, making it the most well-connected hub in the region.

Politically stable with a functioning democracy, Georgia has a forward-looking, responsive government with a progressive, pro-business attitude and a strong commitment to the private sector. Business-friendly regulations and a favorable tax and customs framework have played a key role in attracting business investment from all over the world in almost every sphere of economic activity in the country. Strong economic indicators and a relatively low cost work environment have contributed to its rapid development and prosperity. A modern, safe, multi-cultural place with state-of-the-art medical, education, entertainment, shopping and sports facilities that ensure a high quality of life, Georgia is the location of choice for the modern professional and an ideal location for multinationals to establish a regional presence.


Strategic location not only Poti but the whole country of Georgia – as it lays on the shortest way out of three possible routes, connecting east and west, known historically as “silk road”

Easy access to the growing economics of the CIS countries and to the European and Middle East markets

GSP plus agreement with EU and Turkey, enabling duty free/tariff free exports from Georgia on 7200 categories of goods. GSP with USA, Canada, Switzerland, Japan

Free Trade Agreement with CIS countries and Turkey

Good infrastructure facilities (railroad, port, telecommunications, roads, highways)

Availability of low cost skilled labor. No restriction on hiring expatriates

Pro – Business, pro – active Government

Good European  living conditions at low cost, low crime rate, good weather, beautiful Mountain Resorts and beaches, places of historical importance, good educational and medical facilities etc.

Sound Macroeconomic Environment

Consistent macroeconomic policies are producing strong economic growth, with GDP increases by 7% in 2011 and 5.5% in 2010 from -3.9% in 2009

Competitive Trade Regimes

Georgia has low tariffs, streamlined border clearance procedures and preferential trade regimes with major partners, including the EU, CIS countries, Turkey and the U.S

Low Taxes

Fewer taxes, lower rates, including flat tax rates on personal income (20%), and corporate profits (15%), make Georgia the most attractive tax regime in the region. Further cuts are planned in the coming years.

There is no tax on profit for companies operating in the Free Zones.

World’s Leader in Labor Freedom and Literacy

Georgia’s new Labor Code, hailed as one of the world’s best in international rankings, reduces labor costs and gives greater freedom of contract to employers and employees. Simultaneously, Georgia offers the world’s most literate workforce, and very competitive prevailing wage rates.

Simplified Licensing Procedures

The total number of licenses and permits required in Georgia has been slashed by 84%, and statutory deadlines imposed for government to respond to applications.

The “one-stop shop” and “silence is consent” principles were also introduced.

Fast-growing Privatization Policy

Privatization of state-owned property is increasing investment and improving Georgia’s competitiveness. Investors may initiate an expedited, competitive process to privatize assets needed for an investment project..

Active Banking Sector

The banking sector, which is completely private, is growing rapidly, as foreign investors enter the sector and Georgian banks tap international capital markets.

Non-Corruption Environment

Tough anti-corruption measures have significantly improved tax and customs administration and increased state revenues, scaled back Georgia’s

shadow economy, and produced a significant decrease in corruption in the public and private sectors as measured by international ratings.


Georgian industry is very entrepreneurial and highly motivated to develop rapidly. As industries in Georgia develop, firms and investors are looking for opportunities to invest. The combination of dynamic economic growth, pro-business legislation, a liberal tax code, a strong legal framework to protect investors and an educated and skilled workforce presents a solid platform for successful business in Georgia
 More than 4,600 companies in Georgia were established by foreign investors. These firms have capitalized upon the skills and talents of Georgia’s multi-lingual and highly educated workforce

Georgia offers competitive cost factors (labor, utilities, real estate, taxes)
Georgia’s workforce of 1.9 million people is highly educated – 30.8% have university degrees
Average Gross Monthly Salaries are lower than European equivalents – USD 346 in 2010
50.4% of the unemployed population (169 100 people) is aged between 20-34
Georgia boasts low tariffs, streamlined border clearance procedures and preferential trade regimes with major partners, including the EU, the U.S. and free trade with Turkey and CIS countries. Georgia has been a member of the WTO since 2000 and has no quantitative restrictions on trade Georgia hosts an excellent infrastructure. Extensive public and private investment has developed a dynamic nationwide network of roads, railroads, waterways, harbors and airports Georgia’s foreign trade has been growing rapidly since 2003 as a result of aggressive policy re­forms to make it easier and less expensive to trade across borders Georgia offers a high quality of living to visitors. Its environment is clean, with a focus on Green Energy and organic food production.