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GXM Instant Office Service


Among the expansion of your firm  into Georgia, it is in a company’s best interest to eventually establish a local presence within the country. The preparations required for such an undertaking to be accomplished involve a wide range logistics, including hiring staff, finding an ideal office space, and negotiating with local service providers.

Establishment of a Georgian subsidiary requires a significant time and financial investment, accumulating into a high risk scenario.

Besides being your representatives and network connections within Georgia, we offer your team a personal office located directly within our base of operations. In addition to the provision of sample office space for your staff to work out of our Instant Office Provides:

GXM Instant office space: Through our instant office service, your firm will have its own domestic office in mainland Georgia immediately. The Instant office is the solution to any domestic office needs, ranging from a base of operations for selling in the Georgian market or an office to manage quality between manufacturers.

Direct correspondence with GXM Consultant team: Your team works side by side with our consulting talents to achieve the greatest synergy. Our full suite of sourcing/sales support services will be at the exposal of your staff, carefully coordinating each service with our consulting team.

Opportunity Assessment: Before the initiation into developing your Georgia branch, we offer a complimentary assessment of your target market. By concentrating on legal and government interference, competition strength, potential partners, and the rest of your value chain, we consult our clients on the size of their opportunity in the Georgian & CIS regions market.

Recruitment of qualified employees: Your office space  will be available immediately, but staff will be necessary to fill those new positions. This allows for two possibilities Your firm can import their own personnel through which our local consulting services will assist in all the logistics, from finding housing, visas, and translation services.

The second possibility is, through our assistance, finding local Georgian talent to fill the necessary positions. Your staff and our team will be work in unison, guaranteeing the most effective working environment.

Office expansion consultation: After reaching initial success through our Instant Office, foreign firms may want to expand further, adding office space and staff. GXM Consulting will then assist in the expansion your firm’s Georgia subsidiary, assisting your transition from our Instant office to an office of your own.

We assist in finding the perfect location depending on budget, available transportation, local services, etc. As our teams have worked side by side, we will be fully aware of the expectations and needs that your firm has for your new office space in Georgia, Batumi.


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Your Advantages: 


Personal Office in Georgia: Having a domestic base of operations in Georgia is an advantage for any business operating in Batumi, Georgia. It allows foreign firms to be near their Georgian operations and easily meet their Georgian clients or partners.

Lower risks and investment: Our Instant Office service provides our clients the unique opportunity to minimize the risks of establishing a local office in Georgia. Most firms that aim to establish a subsidiary office in Georgia invest highly in expensive market research, and then invest more in obtaining their own office and recruiting personal. This process takes months to accomplish, in which opportunities may be missed, and demand a high capital investment. With instant office, your firm can begin exploring the Georgian market for a smaller investment than the typical market research and analysis.

Skip the hassle of registration: As your firm is operating through our office, we take care of any registration process that your firm has to undergo.

All necessary amenities provided: There is no need on waste time and capital on developing an empty office. GXM Instant office provides your staff with all necessary tools for an effective work environment.

Office rented on a project duration basis: Unlike renting a typical office space, which are leased on a long term duration, you may use GXM Instant Office only for the duration of your project in Georgia. Whether it is a several month long experiment with the Georgian market or week long visitation, the Instant Office is tailored to the needs of your firm.

Translation and Tech support available in office: As your staff works in our office space, we provide you with the very same tech experts and translators which we use for our projects.