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Ajaria in a view

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A Smart Choice For Your Investments

Ajara is located on the south-eastern coast of the Black Sea and extends into the wooded foothills and mountains of the lesser Caucasus. Georgian regions of Guria and Samtskhe-Javakheti are located respectively to the north and east of Ajara and Turkey to the south. Most of Ajara’s territory is hilly and mountainous

Ajara is rich with hydro resources including rivers, springs, mineral and ground waters. There are 1564 rivers with length more than 5 km, total length reaching 8600 km
68% of Ajara is covered with forest, most of which particularly on the Meskheti Range (the west facing slopes) are temperate rain forests. Due to the high precipitation levels, broadleaf deciduous forests constitute the main vegetation type

The forests are home to brown bears, wolves, jackals, lynxes, roe deer and other species. The coastal forests, peat-lands and lakes-estuaries are the important stepping stones for the migratory species of waterfowl, passerines and raptors, passing through the eastern Black Sea migration route, many of which are globally threatened
There are 4 protected areas in Ajara, which make up to 15% of its territory

 Kintrishi Nature Reserve
Mtirala National Park
Kobuleti Nature Reserve

 Matchakhela Protected Area

Protected areas have been established to preserve unique ecosystems of temperate rain-forest and coastal wetland/peatlands. Besides nature protection, they serve as a major attraction for tourists

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Ajaria Batumi, innovation symbols

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Municipal Emblem of the self-governing city of Batumi

The azure field of the Emblem’s shield is crossed by the silver line from the right to the left. There is a little shield located in the centre of the shield that is divided into two parts in a wavy manner; first part- three gold coins on a purple field. The second part represents a silver field

Above the emblem a  three – merlon civil gold crown of a castle formIn the background of the emblem’s shield two crosswise gold anchors are represented

An azure ribbon goes along the emblem shield and below it. On the silver field of it the motto “Batumi” is engraved.

Municipal  Flag of the self-governing city of Batumi

The blue proportion of the flag 2/3 is horizontally divided by three white belts. There is a little part of Batumi Emblem shield which is divided into two parts in a wavy manner; first part- three gold coins on a purple field, The second part represents a silver field

Geographic Situation

Batumi is an administrative center of Ajara Autonomous Republic. It is situated by the Black Sea, on the lowland of Khakhaberi, 2-3 meters above the sea level and has a form of the half-moon. The city is stretched from the north-east to the south-west about 7 kilometers. The main part of the city faces the bay and is situated on the southern part of the Kakhaberi lowland, along the Bartskhana and the Qorolistsqali rivers

Its territory is 19 sq. km. The seaside part of Adjara is mainly a plain-lowland, characterized with mild subtropical climate. The average annual temperature is +14,5° C,  ranging from +25° C in summer to  + 6° C in winter. The average annual precipitation is 2 200mm, air humidity- 80%
Batumi, with the population 180 000, is the land and marine gateway to Georgia with its largest sea port, railway chain and other unique fields of the industry.

batumi tourism

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GXM Consulting at a Glance

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Georgia Expert Management LLC. is a Consulting firm company located in Ajaria, Batumi. GXM Co. started on 2012 to provide Management Consulting & Business facilitates, Trade Consulting & Imp/Export Support, Investment establishment analysis and professional services, Company Formation & Start-up Business planning with focused on Investment Opportunities, Manufacturing and Commercial at POTI FIZ and also Tourism Services in Georgia.

We believe that Georgia is a Paradise for all Investors and Start-up Business in Euro-Asia & CIS. Also POTI free zone is the Best choice for Manufacturing, Commercial Dev. and Trade Businesses


 In additions GXM Consulting will support you in Business & Industrial Trade Show Execution & Expo visiting on several countries such as:

 IRAN, Armenia, Georgia, Russia, Lithuania, Turkey, Poland, Bolgaria, India & China

GXM Consulting LLC., in PurpleBiz Intl. Directroy

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