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Mimino Tours & Travel Agency

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Mimino Travel is an inbound travel agency in the Caucasus region, with its head office based in Tbilisi, Georgia. Initially, our service was primarily based in Georgia however, due to increasing demand in the region as a whole, our service has been expanded to include Armenia and Azerbaijan. We also have sales agents based in Poland and Ukraine.
Our company offers various types of tours for all kinds of tourists, regardless of his or her age and interests; we propose the most exciting and interesting tours for all of our customers.
With us, your holidays will be positively unforgettable.
We can offer you the following tours – Cultural, Adventure, Pilgrim, Ski, Extreme, Wine, Sea, Caucasus tour, Expo tour, health tourism etc. also we can even help you to create your special tours, which will provide the right blend of different types of tour just for your company.
Our priority is customer satisfaction, that’s why we consider every last detail to make our tourists comfortable. We strive to provide the highest quality of service. Mimino Travel will help you to rest and travel simultaneously.
In our business the most important assets are our dedicated staff members – they are the cornerstone of our success. Our team is comprised of certified professionals with vast experience in the industry.
Our English and Russian speaking tour managers will be very happy to help with any queries and can fully answer all of your questions.

Welcome to Beautiful Georgia!

GXM Consulting & Mimino Travel will be ready to do the BEST for organize your tourism requested services in Caucasus regions.
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Invest in Lithuania & EU Baltic States

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We also support you to Invest in Lithuania and EU Baltic States with Vilnius Podium Co. partnering.


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Where do you want to Go! today?

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Ajaria in a view

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A Smart Choice For Your Investments

Ajara is located on the south-eastern coast of the Black Sea and extends into the wooded foothills and mountains of the lesser Caucasus. Georgian regions of Guria and Samtskhe-Javakheti are located respectively to the north and east of Ajara and Turkey to the south. Most of Ajara’s territory is hilly and mountainous

Ajara is rich with hydro resources including rivers, springs, mineral and ground waters. There are 1564 rivers with length more than 5 km, total length reaching 8600 km
68% of Ajara is covered with forest, most of which particularly on the Meskheti Range (the west facing slopes) are temperate rain forests. Due to the high precipitation levels, broadleaf deciduous forests constitute the main vegetation type

The forests are home to brown bears, wolves, jackals, lynxes, roe deer and other species. The coastal forests, peat-lands and lakes-estuaries are the important stepping stones for the migratory species of waterfowl, passerines and raptors, passing through the eastern Black Sea migration route, many of which are globally threatened
There are 4 protected areas in Ajara, which make up to 15% of its territory

 Kintrishi Nature Reserve
Mtirala National Park
Kobuleti Nature Reserve

 Matchakhela Protected Area

Protected areas have been established to preserve unique ecosystems of temperate rain-forest and coastal wetland/peatlands. Besides nature protection, they serve as a major attraction for tourists

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