"Invest in Georgia 2018"

Better way for move to Georgia 2018

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GXM Consulting will show you several ways to move your business in Georgia to helps you for select better way to move at 2018

We can support you for Real estate service & guide, Old Bldg. or purchasing land, construction & project investment, office rent etc. in Kutaisi, Batumi & Tbilisi-Georgia.

Please keep contact to GXM LLC, local contact at Tbilisi via 558916433 Iman Mousavi (9:00 to 20:00)

GXM Weeklly Seminar Special_Offer_FlyerGeorgia Nexus Real Estate & Trade Co. in Tbilisi are GXM Consulting’s partners to advice you the Best purchasing case in Georgia with law firm support and legal service on your Investment actions.




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Invest in Georgia 2018

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Beautiful GEORGIA from the SKY!

Georgia Investment Interactive MAP


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Education & Medical Tourism

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GXM Consulting is TUMS Official Agent in Georgia to helps you for apply in Tehran MD Universities

TUMS Agent-ship in Georgia


TUMS useful information


As globalization brings rapid change in all aspects of research and development, international competition and collaboration have become high-priority items on the agenda of most universities around the world. In this climate of competition and collaboration, ranking universities in terms of their performance has become significantly important. All universities need to know where they stand among other universities, so that they can properly evaluate their current academic performance and also develop strategic plans to strengthen their progress.


TUMS Admission info

You are invited to studding in one of the Best MD Universities in Asia

You can apply for studding at TUMS today with Agent code:399513001


You are invited to visit IEFG 2018 at Tblisi, Georgia

You are invited to visit IEFG 2018 at Tblisi, Georgia

  conference Tbilisi poster
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Where do you want to Go! today?

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Ajaria Batumi, innovation symbols

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Municipal Emblem of the self-governing city of Batumi

The azure field of the Emblem’s shield is crossed by the silver line from the right to the left. There is a little shield located in the centre of the shield that is divided into two parts in a wavy manner; first part- three gold coins on a purple field. The second part represents a silver field

Above the emblem a  three – merlon civil gold crown of a castle formIn the background of the emblem’s shield two crosswise gold anchors are represented

An azure ribbon goes along the emblem shield and below it. On the silver field of it the motto “Batumi” is engraved.

Municipal  Flag of the self-governing city of Batumi

The blue proportion of the flag 2/3 is horizontally divided by three white belts. There is a little part of Batumi Emblem shield which is divided into two parts in a wavy manner; first part- three gold coins on a purple field, The second part represents a silver field

Geographic Situation

Batumi is an administrative center of Ajara Autonomous Republic. It is situated by the Black Sea, on the lowland of Khakhaberi, 2-3 meters above the sea level and has a form of the half-moon. The city is stretched from the north-east to the south-west about 7 kilometers. The main part of the city faces the bay and is situated on the southern part of the Kakhaberi lowland, along the Bartskhana and the Qorolistsqali rivers

Its territory is 19 sq. km. The seaside part of Adjara is mainly a plain-lowland, characterized with mild subtropical climate. The average annual temperature is +14,5° C,  ranging from +25° C in summer to  + 6° C in winter. The average annual precipitation is 2 200mm, air humidity- 80%
Batumi, with the population 180 000, is the land and marine gateway to Georgia with its largest sea port, railway chain and other unique fields of the industry.


batumi tourism

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Start Business in TFZ

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Tbilisi Free Zone (TFZ) is the only free industrial zone in Tbilisi. TFZ seeks to attract international tenant companies to locate their export-oriented businesses in the bonded tax-free area. TFZ is prepared to welcome companies from diverse fields of business including: technology, trading and services, light industrial manufacturing, logistics, warehousing and other.


Development master plan of the Tbilisi Free Zone comprises virtual office locations, smart office buildings and 28 individual free land plots designated for development specifically to meet the requirements of tenant businesses.

TFZ offers flexible tenancy terms from simple land lease to turn-key development solutions customized to individual client needs.

Customer clearance point is located within the Zone’s territory. This allows for smooth and efficient processing and handling of goods to and from TFZ, bypassing regular time-consuming paperwork and customs formalities.

GXM LLC is as authorized broker of Tbilisi Technology Park since 2018 and we can coordinate all your official requests to start your new company registration & TFZ licenses from Tehran office before.

TFZ investors guide FA  (بروشور فارسی)


You can download TFZ application and presentation for more information:


Please submit online in TFZ here.


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