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"Invest in Georgia 2018"

New Company Reg.

 GXM Consulting provide you several packages for start-up a business in Georgia.

 Start Business in Georgia 2018 دانلود بروشور معرفی ثبت شرکت در گرجستان

 GXM Consulting will be support you on Business Management Service or Company Registration full package in CIS, Russia & EU Baltic States by our partner in Georgia, Russia, Lithuania & Armenia.

An Intro of Our Management Services

We provide to our Clients the best management services to assist them run their companies and business in Georgia, Armenia & Lithuania.

Different companies require different needs depending on the business type and size. Whether you want to start a small company that provides limited services for the local market, or want to develop a bigger company that acts internationally, we can help you to select the best scenarios with addressing all the aspects that are needed for your business in Caucasus regions.

Business solutions

We will provide all the necessary business solutions for your successful business in Georgia Tbilis, Batumi & POTI FIZ.

Legal services

Our Business partners includes qualified and experienced lawyers who are ready to help you solving all the legal issues in a proper and acceptable way. “Eristavi Law Group” is our partner in law firm in Georgia.


  1. Restructuring, reorganization, liquidation
  2.  Capital increase/reduction procedure
  3. Preparation of shares sale-purchase transactions
  4.  Participation in corporate general meetings


  1. Advise on residents’ income tax, profit tax, VAT and other tax issues
  2. Representation of clients in relations with the Tax inspectorate during tax audits and other cases


  1. Preparation of labor contracts
  2. Preparation of other related documents
  3. Consultation on labor law issues


  1. Preparation and revision of contracts, agreements and other documents
  2. Representation in of client signing, modifying and terminating the contract


We provide a full range of accountancy services in cooperation with business partners and certify that your company bookkeeping in Georgia will be managed in a proper and rational manner. Our accountancy services include:

  1. Full accounting services from the primary documentation up to the reporting for the expired period
  2. Invoicing
  3. Filling INTRASTAT reports
  4. Banking
  5. Purchase and sales registers
  6. Payroll accounting and transactions
  7. Preparation of financial statements
  8. Registration in the Tax-Office, tax calculations and declarations Social security reports (SODRA)
  9. Statistics reports
  10. Accounting services for neglected book-keeping


Our marketing specialists are ready to serve your needs at every step of creating and implementing the optimal marketing strategy for your business. You do not need to waste your time and money searching for fair services, products and prices through the maze of local advertising agencies :MARKETING RESEARCH – LOGO DESIGN – MEDIA SERVICES – MARKETING STRATEGY – BRAND IMAGE – BRAND REGISTRATION – PROMOTION PLANING – PR  COMMUNICATION – CAMPAIGN ANALYSIS – WEB SITE – POROMOTIONS – eMARKETING – eADS. Etc.


When we talk about a successful company it is all about the right and qualified staff. Work with us to organize and manage a strong team of employees for your business in Georgia.

Office and premise

Given that our clients have different needs for office services when developing business in Georgia, we offer various case-sensitive solutions. Here are the most popular ones among them: REGISTRATION ADDRESS – VIRTUAL OFFICE – SERVICED OFFICE SPACE.

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