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"Invest in Georgia 2018"

Invest in Lithuania & EU Baltic States

Invest in Lithuania & EU Baltic States

We also support you to Invest in Lithuania and EU Baltic States with Vilnius Podium Co. partnering.


Studding in EU Universities, Visa Residency & Company formation law firm advisory services with a professional team.

Invest in EU Baltic State as a Professional today!

Georgia Expert Management LLC. in partnering with Vilnius Podium Co. located in Lithuania will support you for established your Company and get Residency on EU Baltic States.

If you interested to get more advice in this regards, Please let us know with a quick intro of your business requested information by send official email to us:


GXM Consulting’s EU Real Estate Associates network cover many EU Countries such Italy, France, Spain, Germany, UK, Croatia, Lithuania, Cyprus, Greece, Slovakia, etc.

Beautiful Vilnius, Lithuania 2014