"Invest in Georgia 2017"

EXPO Georgia tours 2017

GXM LLC. working on General & Special Tourism Services, Business events & Industrial EXPO tours for management, investor & expert people and also cover all type of cultural, Natural & historical tourism packages in Georgia with cooperate by professional tour operators.

Our target countries will be Georgia, Armenia, Russia and IRAN.

1) You are invited to Join at 9-8 December 2017 for Elcomm Expo & Aqua Therm :


2) You are invited to Join at 9-8 December 2017 for International Batumi Build :


مهلت ثبت نام برای تورهای نمایشگاهی تا 5 آذرماه میباشد

Special Service for Management:

  • Special visiting from Poti FIZ & RAKIA Georgia head office
  • Guide & Advisory service for visiting Expo Georgia, Tbilisi
  • Special visit from Georgia National Museum, Royal bath, Samba Church.
  • City tour & free everyday walking tours for visit touristic site, market center etc.
  • Optional tour packages support by: www.Miminotravel.com
IRAN & Georgia Joint Business Council

IRAN & Georgia Joint Business Council


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