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Few of the world’s small nations offer a visitor as much as Georgia

Although Georgia has only the size of Switzerland, it is able to boast the highest mountains in Europe, truly fabulous walks, more indigenous grape varieties than anywhere else and architectural marvels – stone watch-towers in the mountains and carved wooden balconies, richly frescoed churches and art nouveau in the towns. Combine this with a Mediterranean climate and the legendary Georgian hospitality and you have a unique travel destination

There are over 12,000 historical and cultural monuments in Georgia, eight listed by UNESCO as cultural heritage sites, 182 potential resort places and more than 2000 mineral springs in Georgia. All of them encompass ski and snow, spa and health and sea (sun, sea and sand). The resorts are situated in different climatic zones

Georgia offers diverse nature, undisturbed endemic Flora and Fauna, history, architecture and archaeology, culture, folklore, arts and hospitality. Therefore, Georgia is a country with high potential of cultural – Exploratory tourism, Adventure Tourism, Eco-tourism, Leisure and Recreation, Agro Tourism, Cuisine and Wine Tourism

For last several years tourism was acknowledged as #1 priority of the country’s economy. The real boost in Georgia’s tourism industry is even more recent and has reflected the country’s democratic upheaval, the growth of international communication, a strong foreign policy and a new commitment to security and personal safety

As a result of the political and liberal economic reforms undertaken since 2004, the former bureaucratic system was broken up and a new, free business environment was established

International tourist arrivals reached an all-time record of 1,500,000 in 2010 and the total number of international visitors, crossing national borders of Georgia, has been increased by 20% compared to 2009

Impact of Government policy – With a simplified visa policy and improving infrastructure, combined with a new, firm commitment to safety, Georgia is ready to welcome investors, travelers and explorers. Georgia is a place where interesting things are happening – things that people from around the world want to come and see

Simplification of Visa Issuing Procedures – There is no visa requirement for nationals of Israel, Japan, Canada, United States of America and members of the European Union countries. Also for CIS nationals, except citizens of the Russian Federation and Turkmenistan, a visa is not required. For many other nationalities visa is available on arrival.Nationalities able to enter Georgia without a visa are allowed to stay for 90 days in Georgia. Passengers on cruise ships who stay in Georgia for less than 72 hours do not require visas either

Basic Infrastructure Development – Roads and highways, energy systems and water supply systems are now developing rapidly, with supportive results for the tourism business. Tbilisi and Batumi are serviced by new modern airports approved for full membership in ECAC (European Civil Aviation Conference), with direct flights to 32 cities

Hotel sector:  Currently two Sheraton hotels, two Marriott hotels, 2 Radisson SAS, and one Holiday Inn provide luxury accommodation in Georgia, while Hyatt, Kempinski and Intercontinental are under construction and Hilton hotels are scheduled for construction

All over the Caucasus cities Tbilisi will be one of the first cities where will be represented all the most famous hotels:

Taxation – According to the existing Tax Code, enacted in January 2005, tour operators’ incoming tourist revenue falls into the category of exports and is therefore free of VAT

Georgian government has introduced Free Touristic Zones concept from 2010, which includes the following incentives for the companies interested to establish their business presence in this sector in Georgia

  • Free land adjacent to Sea with communications
  • Exemption from profit tax for 15 years
  • Exemption from property tax for 15 years

Georgia is the cradle of wine. The oldest seeds of grape and wine making apparatus were found in Georgia, and even the word wine comes from Georgian word g’vino

The highest occupied settlement in Europe is in Georgia: Ushguli just try to pronounce that one

More people in Georgia live to be over 100 than almost anywhere else. They say it’s the yogurt, the organic food and wine and our zest for life

Georgia has more bio-diversity than some continents. You can hike in one day from subtropical marshes to lofty alpine zones, from glaciers to vineyards

Georgia has one of the largest proportions of land designated as national park, about 25% (in contrast, only 4% of the USA is protected). Fully 40 % of Georgia’s territory is forest, much of it old growth

We are home to more than 500 unique varieties of grape, most of them used for wine, more than anywhere else in the world

Georgian hospitality is legendary. We truly believe that guests are a gift from God, and treat them accordingly. The Georgian tradition of toasting (which we also claim to have invented) is poetry and philosophy united

Throughout the 20th century, Georgia has been famous as a holiday destination – a combined Switzerland and Rivera – for citizens of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. They came for high mountains, sunny beaches and a world-renowned cuisine. Today Georgia is a country strongly connected to tradition, at the same time as being a modern, democratic state embodying western values

Georgia’s beauty is now open to any traveler thirsting for new sights, sounds, smells and an elemental and rich culture. From the shores of the Black Sea to the soaring peaks of the Caucasus – from rich Wine Country in eastern Georgia to Cave cities, to the spa town of Borjomi and cultural delights of Tbilisi, Georgia’s natural beauty is the stuff of legend.

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